How To Order

---- Special Notes: If your order is to be shipped to the countries other than USA, please read first the section "Foreign Order" as indicated below for the conditons. The state sales tax and shipping charges are given below for your information.

---- Bulk Seed Order: If you need seeds in a relatively large quanitiy for farm/commercial needs, please see "Bulk Seed Order" below.

---- Minimum Seed Order: $10.00 per shipment.

---- Item Code: A 5 digital number, XXXYY, is used to assign the seed item and the package size. XXX is the vegetable item number and YY is the package size (01 = Small Packet; 02 = 1 Oz. Packet; 03 = 1/4 Lb.; 04 = 1/2 Lb.; 05 = 1 Lb.)

---- Seed Package: Small Packet and 1 Oz. Size are packaged with 3" x 4-1/2" white envelopes. The 1/4 Lb. and larger sizes are packaged with plastic bags.

---- Planting Directions: Simple planting directions are provided and imprinted on the seed packets for your reference.


There are two ways to order our products : (A). Online order. (B) Mail-order.

(A). Online Order

We are delighted to join and become one of the YAHOO STORES (Now handled by their spin-off company, Aabaco Small Business) to offer the best shopping convenience/experience in the industry. Our online order process-transaction is handled by the YAHOO-BANKONE processing system. We accept the online orders worldwide, using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card. You can also order our products with PayPal if you have opened an account with them.

The order process is very simple: You just visit our product pages, click the "order" button on the item to order your selections and follow the Yahoo's instructions to complete your order. The Yahoo's ordering system will automatically calculate and add the state sales tax, if applicable, and the shipping charge based on the shipping method of your choice, to your total order. You will receive an e-mail from YAHOO to confirm your order after you complete/submit properly your order. Upon receiving your order information from the YAHOO STORE system, we will start the process and ship your order. Very soon you will be informed by a second e-mail regarding the shipping status for your order.

(B). Mail-order

---- Please note that we accept the mail-orders only from the United States; We do not accept the mail-order from other countries. Please read the "Foreign Order" section for details as given later.

---- Please follow the process given below for the mail order.

  1. You can follow the online order process described above to select your items. After completing the item selections, shipping method and shipping address of your order, you can print the YAHOO's order summary page and use it as your order form. Please make sure that your order has also included the correct shipping cost(see below). We would like to suggest that you print one more copy of the order summary and keep it for your own record.

  2. Don't submit your order to the YAHOO STORE, instead you can send, by mail, the printed copy of your order summary to us with your payment.

  3. Mail your order with full payment; no COD order. We accept only the payment check or money order issued by a U.S. bank, payable in U.S. fund.

  4. Please mail your order with full payment to :

    Evergreen Y.H. Enterprises, P.O. Box 2036, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
****** FOREIGN ORDER:******
  1. We accept the foreign orders only by online-order (not by mail-order) using a credit card.

  2. The product prices listed on this site are on US dollar and will be converted/charged to your currency by the BANKONE/CREDIT CARD process.

  3. The seed import rules are different in many countries which are set by their government. It is your responsibility to check your customs for the entry requirements, we can't guarantee for your customs entry. We can guarantee only that we will ship out your order from our end. There is no restriction in USA for exporting seeds to any foreign country.

  4. Most countries allow importing seeds in small packets/small quantity without any restrictions. However, many countries may require a phytosanitary certificate, paricularly in bulk quantity and commercial planting uses, into their country. This document is issued by US Department of Agriculature for exporting, after the seeds inspected/passed here. We can apply this certificate, if requested, for your needs. The application fee, charged by USDA and the document issuing office, at $65.00 per shipment (regardless the items, quantity and packages in the shipment), which will be added/charged to your seed order. You have to indicate this additional requirement in the comment section on your order form during the check-out process. As we have to show seeds to the inspection officers and apply/obtain this document before shipping out the package, so we cannot provide the Phytosanitary certificate later once seeds are shipped out. We will do this phytosanitary certificate application service only for a minimum seed order of $300.00 or higher, and will add $65.00 service charge to your order. Otherwise we will ship seeds without this document and the package could be rejected by your customs.

    A few countries may also need an import permit for controlling restricted/controlled varieties into their country. The import permit is issued by the importing country government and should be applied/obtained by the importer, if needed. You may want to check with your government/customs regarding this requirement before placing your order.

  5. All foreign orders for seeds will be shipped via the US Postal Service Air Mail. Please select the Canada and Mexico Mail Options only for shipping to these countries and the International Mail Options for shipping to all other countries.

  6. The USPS Mail System has changed recently the delivery charges/options and has discontinued the Ocean Surface Mail. We are unable to sell/ship books to a foreign country due to the high shipping cost. No book order will be accepted for a foreign shipping.

  7. After completing your item selections, all foreign orders should first complete the shipping address/country, then select the proper shipping method. The system will check your country vs. the shipping method of your choice. The system may not complete your order if incorrect one is selected. Please see details of the shipping charges as shown below.
**** SALES TAX *****
  1. No sales tax for seeds
  2. 7.75% sales tax for books (for California residents only).

A. Inside the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island (U.S.), Guam, American Samoa, US Minor Outlying Islands

The costs listed below are flat charges per order except #3, regardless the total quantity/amount of your order, when shipped to a place within the U.S. Domestic Mail System
  1. Domestic First Class Mail & Handling (seeds only) : $6.50
  2. Domestic Priority Mail & Handling (seeds only) : $7.80
  3. Domestic Express Mail & Handling (seeds only) : $28.00 (< 2 Lb.) and up if more than 2 Lb.
  4. Domestic Media Mail & Handling (books only) : $6.00
B. Inside Canada & Mexico
  1. All seed orders must be placed online on this web site.
  2. Canada and Mexico Air Mail & Handling (seeds only) : $18.00 and up depending on the weight
  3. No book sale/shipping to Canada or Mexico
C. All Other Countries
  1. All seed orders must be placed online on this Web site.
  2. The Shipping options/costs are shown in the check-out process.
  3. No book sale/shipping to a foreign country

Bulk Seed Order:

In addition to the retail sale as shown on this Website, we offer volume bulk seed sale at discount to farmers and distributors who may need seeds in a relatively large quantity. Additional volume discounts for individual items ordered from our web site prices are as below
  1. <= 1 Lb.--------- No discount
  2. >1- 4 Lb.-------5% discount
  3. 5-10 Lb.--------8% discount
  4. 11-15.Lb.------10% discount
  5. 16-25 Lb.------15% discount
  6. > 25 Lb.-------20% discount
Most of our seeds are imported from various regions in Asia and we generally keep only limited quantity of seeds in stock. All bulk seed orders are required to contact us first by e-mail regarding the availability, price and payment. As it may take 3-6 weeks to reorder and receive seeds from Asia, we recommend strongly to contact us as early as possible for the seeds you would like to order.


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