Edible Luffa, Hybrid Summer Cross

This is a new high quality variety released in Taiwan after more than seven years' extensive research/development program. Plants are vigorous and are insensitive to the day light length in setting fruits, suitable for growing all year round in subtropical areas. Frutis are very uniform in size and shape, 8-10 inches long and 2.5 inches in diameter with green skin and white flesh. The flesh is very tender and delicious and remains in beautiful fresh color after cooked. This early variety starts setting flowers/fruits in 40 days after transplanting for summer and in 60 days for winter crops in subtropical and tropical regions. It has been reported that this high yielding variety can produce 20-40% more fruits than other varieties and has become one of the most popular varieites in Asia for commercial production.

Edible Luffa, Hybrid Summer Cross
Size: Small Packet

Edible Luffa, Hybrid Summer Cross
Size: 1 Oz.

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Edible Luffa, Hybrid Summer Cross
Size: 1/2 Lb.

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