Chinese Leek, Broad Leaf

This variety grows large broad leaves with long stems. Plants are very vigorous in warm climates and can be harvested many times per season. Young large leaves are very tender and delicious, widely used in various Oriental cooking. This unique variety is also very good for blanching plants in totally dark (not exposed to light at all) environemnts, to grow the delicate yellow Chinese Leek, also called "Joe Huang" in Chinese.

HOW TO GROW YELLOW CHINESE LEEK (JOE HUANG): Well grown and strong plants should be established first. It may need 2-3 cutts and harvests of green leaves to reach this stage after the seed sowing. In the Orient, plants are grown on the raised bed ( 1-1.5 ft. high and 3-4 ft. wide) with 6" x 10" plant spacing. It is necessary to build a growing tunnel, about 2.5-3 ft. high, mainly for blocking light to reach plants during Joe Huang growing. This tunnel has two levels on the top side. The lower level is covered with straws, 3-5" high, that will block light but still allow air to pass through. The upper (outer) level and both vertical sides of the tunnel are covered with the totally (100%) opaque plastic clothes, which are partially overlayed each others between the sections but not totally air sealed. This will create a totally darked environment inside the growing tunnel while allowing air to pass through small gaps on the covers. Be sure other conditions for normal growing remain the same, like watering, fertilizer feeding, air circulation etc. Insect controls and soil treatments should be done if necessary before starting Joe Huang growing. Dripping irrigation system is generally used to handle the watering needs without uncovering the tunnel covers. To harvest Joe Huang, open the cover and cut the leaves and whole plants along the ground surface. Plants will regrow for subsequent harvests. After a few harvestings of Joe-Huang, you may need to uncover the the growing tunnel and let the plants to grow under the full sun conditons to recover to their full growing strength. This approach will help grow the best quality plants in the next round Joe-Huang growing.

Chinese Leek, Broad Leaf
Size : Small Packet

Chinese Leek, Broad Leaf
Size : 1 Oz.

Chinese Leek, Broad Leaf
Size: 1 Lb.

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