Chinese Cabbage

Most Oriental brassicas vegetables are called Chinese Cabbage in the West. There are many kinds of Chinese Cabbages, that can be grouped based on size, shape, heading and non-heading. Chinese cabbages are excellent for stir-fry and pickling.

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Pei Tsai (Small Loose-Leaf/White-Petiole Type)
Pei Tsai (Small Loose-Leaf/White-Petiole Type)

8 varieties. Popular vegetable in Japan and Taiwan.

Green Baby Pak Choy (Small Loose-Leaf<br>/Green-Petiole Type)
Green Baby Pak Choy (Small Loose-Leaf
/Green-Petiole Type)

7 varieties. Also called Shanghai Baby Pak Choy or Ching-Chiang Choy.

Pak Choy (Large Loose-Leaf/White-Petiole and New Small Petiole/Leaf Types)
Pak Choy (Large Loose-Leaf/White-Petiole and New Small Petiole/Leaf Types)

10 varieties. Full Size Chinese Cabbage. Extensively used in Chinese cooking.

NAPA Cabbage<br>(Heading Type, Bok Choy, Siew Choy)
NAPA Cabbage
(Heading Type, Bok Choy, Siew Choy)

11 varieties. Very tender and delicious vegetable.

Semi-Heading Chinese Cabbage
Semi-Heading Chinese Cabbage

4 varieties. Upright plant with very tender leaves

Flower Chinese Green, Nabana
Flower Chinese Green, Nabana

Flowering vegetable with savoy leaves.

White Choy Sum
White Choy Sum

3 varieties. Excellent vegetabel for stir fry.

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